Best GMAT Coaching in Chandigarh – Today there is a trend of pursuing an MBA and that too from prestigious institutions. Students prepare for the entrance examinations conducted, but are often confused which coaching institute would help them better. We at New Cambridge College focus on quality and top GMAT coaching classes in chandigarh only because unlike other entrance tests it is quite different in its approach & style.

We aim to provide you the best GMAT coaching in chandigarh and the best study material so that you could crack the GMAT. Our successful students make a strong ground for our coaching. For more information regarding our coaching institute for GMAT Entrance test in Chandigarh you can call us at 0172-4014454 or you can also email us at

GMAT Coaching in Chandigarh

Why New Cambridge College has the Best GMAT Coaching in Chandigarh?

There are several reason with which we provide best GMAT Coaching in Chandigarh. The reason we’ll discuss further but our coaching institute has following criteria which make us best coaching institute in Chandigarh. It is the hard work of our talented staff and quality of coaching which makes us best in providing the GMAT Coaching in Chandigarh.

Total Duration: 8 weeks (Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal Assessment, & Analytical Writing Assessment)

We have four classes in a day:

  1. 07: 00 am- 09: 00 am
  2. 09: 30 am- 11: 30 am
  3. 04: 00 pm- 06: 00 pm
  4. 06: 30 pm- 08: 30 pm

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Structure of the GMAT Coaching at New Cambridge College:

We have devised our classroom programme to help you to nurture the test taking & conceptual skills, which are prerequisite to pass the GMAT. It consists of 25 classroom sections that will render you with all the strategies & concepts to beat the GMAT. Our experienced faculty provides you best tips for GMAT Coaching.

Video Presentation of Our GMAT Coaching in Chandigarh

Reasons for Choosing our GMAT Coaching institute in Chandigarh

Following are the Distinguished Characteristics which provide you the right reason to choose our best GMAT coaching classes in chandigarh.

  1. Innovative teaching techniques & quality study material.
  2. Huge- Library: Vast collection of books & preparatory materials, authors like Kaplan, Manhattan & other official guides are also available.
  3. Limited students (5-10) in each batch, to ensure individual attention.
  4. At the end of GMAT coaching, we also provide management schools shortlisting service & free admission counselling.
  5. For the right kind of practise, we have strategies & techniques for every type of questions, not just IR- Exhaustive online drills grouped according to difficulty level and making you robots. Right for of practise is required to achieve the desired result
  6. We have Highly qualified, talented, & experienced trainers/faculty. At times, they also get refresher training and they themselves take the GMAT as well. They are also certified to take the Princeton Review classes anywhere in the world. We are equipped with an outcome of 2029 hours of testing, research & analysis – full-length computer adaptive tests.
  7. The Difficulty level of questions, time spent on each question, analysis of the performance of every student, application & implementation of concepts & techniques and much more. You will not get all these things anywhere else.

Call and enroll now using our Helpline: 0172-401-4454

New Cambridge College Comprehensive Classroom Programme

  1. Our experts have devised excellent teaching-learning strategies so that you can get the maximum score.
  2. Students who require extra efforts are given special helpline sessions.
  3. Short but effective classroom sessions, which are only 25 in number.
  4. GMAT is hard examination & you have to be intense in your studies . Thus our prep instructors takeyou step by step to your goal. Beginning from very easy to very difficult, elementary to advanced, without skipping anything, they boost up that much confidence & courage in the students that they can beat the most challenging GMAT problems.

Helpline: 0172-401-4454

Apart from class material, we provide preparation material for GMAT in the form of:
  1. A book having formulas & definition essential for the GMAT.
  2. A series of questions with greater difficulty level are given later to the students.
  3. Theoretical techniques, concepts, & strategies needed to handle the quantitative & verbal section.
  4. Essays as examples & strategies to deal with AWA part.
  5. Online tests: 5 computer based & 5 computer adaptive tests


Danish Says: “Their curriculum is the best in the industry. I would like to thank the Naresh Sir and other faculty for their continuous guidance & support. The inspired me to give the tests with full confidence. Thank you”.

Helpline: 0172-401-4454

Understanding GMAT

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) has been designed to assist the management schools to measure the potential of applicants to be successful in their MBA programmes. It is a standard online aptitude test that measures fundamental mathematical, verbal, analytical, and writing skills. Thus it does not require the theoretical study of any subject in particular.

Body Conducting GMAT

Pearson VUE, under the direction of the graduate management Admission Council (GMAC) that is a non-profit organisation of graduate business schools worldwide develops & administers the GMAT. Various test centres have been appointed by Pearson VUE to conduct the tests.

Who Accepts the GMAT score?

The GMAT score is a part of the selection criteria for more than 5000 programmes offered by more than 2000 schools at 1400 universities and colleges in 82 countries.

Test Structure of the GMAT

Being a standardized test, it helps management schools to access the potential of applicants for advanced study in business and management. It assesses fundamental, quantitative, reasoning, and verbal skills. Nearly 1000 management institutes require the GMAT scores across the globes.

Fully computerized, with a maximum score of 800, the GMAT is quite different from other examinations. However, the GMAT score alone does not guarantee your admission to your favourite school rather it is one of the crucial factors which are taken into account by the business schools in the process of admission.

Division of the GMAT:

4 Sections- Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal Assessment, & Analytical Writing Assessment.

GMAT Coaching in Chandigarh

Gmat test structure

Scoring In GMAT

The scores of the GMAT, which are used by business schools and graduate schools as a common benchmark to shortlist the candidate/ applicants for admission, are valid for five years.

You might be taken aback, but it is true. You get four scores on the GMAT.

  1. A score in totality which ranges from 200 to 800
  2. A score in math, which ranges from 0 to 60.
  3. A score in verbal skills, which ranges from 0 to 60.
  4. In addition, a score in Analytical Writing Assessment, which ranges from 0 to 6.
Percentile Rank in GMAT

A percentile rank will follow every score you get. The higher the percentile rank, the better you did. This percentile rank accounts for the percentage of the test takers whose score is less than your score in the test. For an instance, if you get a percentile rank of 90%, then it means you did perform better than 90% of the total test takers.

Who is eligible for GMAT Exam?

Basically anyone can take this test, there is no qualification based or age constraits to take the GMAT. Though the GMAT scores remains valid for 5 years, but it is recommended that your score should be obtained within the last two years.

What is the best time to take the GMAT?

Well, it could be taken all round the year, but it would be better if you would take the test in advance of your MBA application date, as it gives you the chace to reappear if you find your previous score low. This is held in selected cities from monday to Friday & twice a day. The duration of the exam is 4 hours and most centres offers two seesions 9 am to 2 pm.

How much you have to pay to take the GMAT test?

Worldwide US 250$ are charged as a fee to take the GMAT test. For online test you can pay through credit card or debit card.

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