Spoken English Classes in Chandigarh – New Cambridge College is located in Chandigarh and awarded as the top most coaching institute in providing the spoken English coaching classes in Chandigarh. Youth is the generation, which covers more than 50% of India’s population.The main age group of India is 15 to 40 years, and this youth has enormous energy and skills.

Almost every relevant field in India is full of tremendously talented people be it medicine, management, finance, engineering or computer science. However, our youth lacks at one front i.e. competence in speaking English language that is universal language.

spoken english classes in chandigarh

Since English has become a global language, it is literally impossible for any nation to alienate from this. We do underrate the gravity of this matter and thus we have taken certain strong steps to strengthen the youth of our country in speaking English.

Importance of Spoken English Classes

The main importance of spoken English classes are illustrated below

  1. With the advent of the corporate world in India, jobs becomes global thus increasing the importance of english as use of English language is very common in corporate world.
  2. To succeed in one’s career English is very important, as it has become the main medium of communication both abroad as well as within the country.
  3. Without English you will find it difficult to express and show your excellent ideas and hence it may hamper your productivity.
  4. Learning to speak English fluently, eloquently & without hesitation helps you to gain wonderful grounds academically but also helps in your all round personality development.
  5. Today having technical knowledge is not sufficient but you should have good communication skills in English as well. Because without good English even the outstanding ideas and individuals stand outside.

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Spoken English Classes has now become a social status in many societies and in developing countries like India; it is in vague as it is in demand. Be it any place, retails, malls, corporate world, civil services etc. English prevails like never before. It has become synonymous to professional success. Your personality is also determined by the particular language you master.

Moreover, a language, which a person speaks, makes a difference between him/her & an animal. Knowing how to speak fluent and clean English is one of the stepping-stone in one’s success.

Reasons to Go for Spoken English Classes in Chandigarh

4 factors responsible for the incompetence of the Indian students in Speaking English and the need for Spoken English Classes:

  1. Inefficient teaching strategies: only the useless lecture.
  2. Lack of the use of the audio-visual and other effective teaching methods/ aids in the language classroom.
  3. Teachers pose themselves as perfect players & pay less head towards student’s problems making them merely a passive audience.
  4. Lack of discrete observation, over harassment of the students on committing a silly grammatical mistake, non-engagement of the students in practical language learning ways like participation in plays/dramas, poem recitation, debates & group discussion etc.

Hence, we at New Cambridge College have taken certain definitive measures to rectify the above-mentioned problems and provide the best spoken English classes.First, to speak effectively one must have effective/active listening skills, as well as so that he/she would understand what has been said.

We not only focus on developing excellent speaking skills in English but also emphasize on listening & comprehending native English accents, writing & reading skill for effective business communications etc. Furthermore we help students to get rid of their mother tongue influence, and fillers sounds (like prepositions of one’s native language & sounds like ummm, ohhh…etc.). We also stress on accent neutralization.

Curriculum Of Spoken English Classes in Chandigarh

The curriculum of spoken English coaching classes in Chandigarh are mentioned below

  1. Writing & reading skills
  2. Vocabulary building
  3. Group discussions
  4. Role plays
  5. Listening skills
  6. Debates
  7. Conversation over the telephone
  8. Picture composition/comprehension /unseen passages
  9. Interactive games to improve fluency

Ways to do this:

  1. Picture dictionaries
  2. Videos/audios
  3. Live demonstrations
  4. Case studies
  5. Play cards & display boards

These tools/ means have been taken, to suit the needs of different students of different age groups & different requirements.

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17 Features / Highlights of Spoken English Classes in Chandigarh at New Cambridge College

  1. Training with scientific techniques.
  2. Personalized attention/ discreet observation.
  3. Convenient location: one can reach easily to our center from bus stands and railway station.
  4. We easily adapt ourselves to the students need. There is no fixed syllabus; you can ask anything and you will get that.
  5. We believe that learning is fun, thus we don’t go with a strict regimen.
  6. To impart instruction we use theater techniques
  7. All round development not only of spoken English
  8. Entrance test prior to admission
  9. Regular tests at the weekends
  10. Trained & experienced faculty
  11. Lifetime student membership: Once you join this course, you can avail various discounts for lifetime.
  12. Open for all the age groups
  13. Affordable fee structure
  14. All centers are well synchronized with each other
  15. Provision of certificates to successful candidates
  16. Proper feedback and evaluation of the students
  17. Flexible timings- coaching runs throughout the day.

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Amenities at New Cambridge College

Today one’s ability to converse in an eloquent and influential manner determines one’s success and failure in one’s life. Language learning is so important that it helps to have friendly relationships & amity with all the individuals.

We therefore have devised an effective module so that our learners could communicate eloquently and efficiently in English. Our program is a four stage program. It includes all the aspects of learning language like reading, writing, listening, & speaking. Our course consists of language researches, seminars, workshops, audio-video sessions, guest lectures, inspections, & competitions based on linguistic etc.

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Audio & video sessions

When you speak, your body language also matters a lot, besides this your tone, accent, the pronunciation, & voice modulation are also very important. Therefore, our audio & video sessions make our learners comprehend the native accent and use the language in different types of situations; thus, building up their confidence to give their best in their industries.

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Workshops/ seminars/ guest lectures for Spoken English Classes

For advanced learners we afford to have lectures by our guest faculties/experts. Workshops are also conducted at the weekends to give more exposure to the candidates. These special sessions of language learning inculcate among the students to broaden their scope of knowledge & usage of English. These also help the students to learn the complications of the language in their life.

Language researches

We provide special labs to practice different kinds of accounts & getting the pronunciation right. Our well-trained trainers are always there to help the struggling students having hard times with their accent or pronunciation. We also have specially developed software’s for this purpose.

Contact Details

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Address: S.C.O 80-81-82, Top floor Sector-17 D, Chandigarh

Phone Number: 0172-401-4454

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Call and enroll now using our Helpline: 0172-401-4454


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