Tips for IELTS Listening– Listening is one most scoring subject of IELTS exam. It is taken first during the exam in the time span of half an hour. This section contain a 40 questions. You get 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet at the end of the full IELTS listening test. So if your listening section of IELTS exam is not strong then your are on right place. In this article we are sharing some tips for IELTS Listening.

About IELTS Listening

Listening is more important section of IELTS Exam. This test finally judges you on the basis of how attentively you understand as you listen the specific recording and its basic idea, information, opinion and facts. The listening test of IELTS is conducted in four different sections which probably focus on variant kinds of speech.

  • Speech 1 Consist of 1 speaker with a precise speech on any general topic.
  • Speech 2 Consist of 1 speaker with a talk on any of general subject of academical interest.
  • Speech 3 Consist of 2-4 speakers with a conversation on any of the educational or training subject
  • Speech 4Consist of 2 speakers with a speech based on How To Improve IELTS Listening dialogue or social

Tips to get high score in IELTS

Most of people do take a serious to IELTS Listening section & take it lightly then during test they do not be able to get good score. So if you are preparing yourself for IELTS exam then do per day practice to improve you listening skills so that you can be a able to get good score in exam. Here we are sharing some tips to improve your listening skills.

  1. Interactive listening is best. In other words, it’s better to talk with someone than just to listen to a recorded TV show, radio program, or podcast. When you talk to people live, you listen more carefully, and you also think about how you’re going to respond.
  2. Don’t just listen to the same kind of English all the time. Don’t just listen to the news, or only watch TV comedies. Expose yourself to a variety of different kinds of situations and topics.
  3. Prefer English captions to subtitles in your native language. When you read subtitles in your language, it keeps your brain locked into “native language mode”. English subtitles are good, though. They help you to match words that you know with their natural pronunciations.
  4. Live and work in a completely English-speaking environment.
  5. Do some kind of sports, hobbies, or other activities with a group of English speakers.
  6. Talk one-on-one with an English-speaking tutor a few times a week.
  7. Watch movies, TV shows, and videos in English (with English captions or without subtitles).
  8. Listen to English podcasts on a topic that’s interesting to you.
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