How to Crack SAT Entrance Exam 


As we all well aware of the fact that if you want to get admission in top university of United States then you must have to crack SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) entrance exam at high percentile. SAT is the standard test which is compulsory for all who want to study in U.S. But cracking SAT entrance test is not daily cup of tea, for that you have to work hard as well as in smart way. So New cambridge college is going to provide you the important tips to crack SAT exam with which you can get high percentage in test and fulfil your dreams.

How to Crack SAT Entrance Exam

New Cambridge college is a well famous coaching institute in Chandigarh which is known for providing the quality coaching related to all types of entrance exams which include SAT entrance test also. We provide a path of sucess for the students with which they can fulfil their dreams. So this is the reason that we are going to share the tricks to crack SAT entrance test.

Brief Overview Regarding SAT Entrance Test

SAT test includes reading, writing and final interview which one has to clear in order to get admission in the top universities of United states. It is the first step to find the right college for you or you can say that the place where you can further develop your skills and pursue your passion. SAT Entrance test firstly introduce in 1962 for the people who want to study in abroad especially in US. It is originally called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, then the Scholastic Assessment Test, then the SAT Reasoning Test, and now simply the SAT.

Basic Tips to Crack SAT Entrance Exam?

So students just hold your nerves and get ready for the tricks to crack SAT 2015-16 exam at high percentile. The below mentioned are the tips to crack SAT entrance exam are.

First things first, read up on all your test basics! you must have the complete knowledge regarding the test structure before the basics. The general test structure is illustrated below

  1. First one is the Reading Section: This 70 minute-section has one 20 minute-section and two 25-minute-sections covering passage-based reading (48 questions) and sentence completion (19 questions).
  2. Second one is the Math Section: This 70 minute-section has one 20 minute-section and two 25-minute-sections with 44 multiple choice questions and 10 student produced responses.
  3. Last One is The Writing Section: This 60 minute-section has one 10-minute-section and two 25-minute-sections covering improving sentences (25 questions), identifying sentence errors (18 questions), improving paragraphs (6 questions), and one essay question.

Advanced Tips to Crack SAT Entrance Exam

Now follow the below mentioned advanced tips to crack SAT entrance exam in order to get best results.

  1. Make a Schedule which covers all the subjects which are essential for the entrance test.
  2. After that follow the schedule regularly.
  3. Start reading news papers regularly in front of mirror in order to improve you vocabulary. Firstly it takes time but don’t stop trying. Mark the words which are hard to pronounce and after that find the correct meaning in dictionary.
  4. Set the goals and time limit before start preparing for entrance exam. If you don’t do this instantly then it can create problems in improving the speed and accuracy.
  5. Try regular mock tests both offline and online. The main reason for this is that you can know the pattern of the test and set time limits according to your capability.
  6. Now the most important thing is time management. So divide your time well. For example if 10 mins are sufficient for one section an you are taking 20 mins then it could be dangerous for you.
  7. Also take small breaks during the time of preparation. If you don’t follow this then it can lead to stress and you can’t give your 100% in preparing for SAT Exam.
  8. Read and learn the concepts carefully during preparation. Do not go for spoon feeding. Which is most dangerous part in any entrance test preparation.

Follow the above mentioned tips on regular basis in order to crack SAT entrance exam. If you want quality SAT coaching in Chandigarh then you can join New Cambridge College anytime.

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