Mass communication over the years has emerged as a very poignant field in the recent era. The job opportunities in mass communication are numerous and lucrative. There is a wide range of options to choose from if as a student you are aiming to make a career out of it. New Cambridge College offers you a specialised training in Mass Communication that is in accordance with the colleges a student wishes for. In this increasing world of competition, a mass communication student is not just expected to be intelligent and aware but there are various other areas of skills that need positive development.

The field of Mass Communication is huge and can be categorically divided into three types of media:

  • Print Media-Newspapers, Magazines, Books

  • Broadcast Media-TV and Radio

  • New Age Media-Internet

All of the above mentioned media have variant opportunities for the students who wish to make a career in this field but the most popular out of three is the new age media and it has innumerable opportunities for a person to choose from. The best part about being a media person is that from this age itself you realise the value of time as this industry runs on deadlines we make sure our students realise this future aspect soon enough through our training.

Firstly discussing the Print Media and Broadcast media simultaneously, we have Reporters, Editors, Photographers, Caricaturist, Cameramen, Writers and many more. With the abundance of news material available around the world we not only need a journalist who possess just the knowledge of simple reporting of facts but now there are journalists specialise for their particular areas of News Reporting like Sports Journalists, Travel Journalists , Lifestyle Journalists and the list is endless. Considering being a Radio Jockey at one of the popular Radio Stations you must be very exemplary in your vocal skills since that would be the only medium upon which your  upgradation or degradation depends. Media is not just about plain reporting of facts if you have a flair for Writing Creatively Media offers you an opportunity there too, you could be a script writer not only for plays or theatre but also for jingles and slogans required by the Advertising Agencies. Then comes the Fast Emerging and Revolutionised New Age Media that comprises of ‘INTERNET’ which brings along with itself the plethora of Job Opportunities Like Creative Writers, Travel Blogger, Food Blogger, Web Designers, Coders, Web Analysts etc. Each of The Newspaper Agencies in our country has started its online venture to be updated.

Our training at New Cambridge College comprises of 30 days of Regular Classes Along with 15 days of Test Series, Online Quizzes and other Activities like News  Reading that give you a practical experience  of being a media person. Our exquisite infrastructure provides the students with a composed and motivating atmosphere to excel in any endeavour they take up. The location of our institute in Sector 17 in the heart of the city withers away all the commuting issues of a student. The fee for the Mass Communication Entrance Preparation is 13,500 that includes all of the study material and other activities.

The Course focuses on the following:

1. Entrance Exam preparation in accordance with the colleges preferred by the student.

2. Aptitude And Reasoning Classes as they form a major part of every Media entrance exam.

3. On demand Quantitative Reasoning Classes For students which includes algebra, Profit & loss , Geometry etc.

4. Daily General Knowledge Sessions which makes the student completely aware about the current affairs.

4. Media History of our country and other important nations like UK and USA is also a major part of this course.

5. A thorough knowledge of important media terms like Pan, Dolly, SEO, PTI and Yellow Journalism.

6. Online quizzes and previous year Sample Paper Solving Sessions.

7. Widespread use of English Language has made it mandatory for a media person to be in possession of a fine vocabulary , knowledge of  grammar rules along with a glossary of words form the most crucial part of our course.

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Being a Part of media demands a lot from you as it may seem easy but it comes along various manifolds. A journalist  is not just about being extrovert and intelligent but you must be a person of quality only then you would be different from other journalists who write or speak just to sell their news by any means even if it lacks substance ,being a person with fine intellect and awareness will be reflected in your quality of work as you would not be working with the aim of searching any happening and turning it into a sensation instead you will find the difference between a quality news and a simple report of facts.

Try! Judge! Join! – Keeping the student’s comfort our priority we begin by proper counselling of him in the very beginning and have Demo Classes to prepare him for being a part of this course.

Here is a list of few colleges which are popular for providing the Best Mass Communication Training in Our Country –

  • Indian Institute For Mass Communication (New Delhi)- It conducts a written exam and a interview as a part of their selection process for a  Diploma Course In Mass communication. The same process is followed by Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi.
  • Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi)-This college apart from current affairs, reasoning, media terms (a part of media History) and English vocabulary also includes Quantitative Reasoning as a category to judge the candidate’s caliber.
  • Symbiosis Institute of Media And Communication (Pune- Symbiosis is known to conduct a Exam Called SNAP every year for the students to get admission in its Masters Degree in Mass communication.
  • Colleges like Lady Shri Ram College for Women and Indraprastha College for Women are also well known to provide a PG course in Mass Communication.
  • Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai conducts an online test followed by group discussion and an interview for their admission to Diploma Courses Of Mass Communication with specialisations in Advertising,  PR, Corporate Communication And Print Journalism.


My training at New Cambridge College has expanded my growth as a Media Student and has channelized me in the right direction to achieve my desired goal of becoming a Journalist.” -Divya

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