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There are various SAT institutes in Chandigarh determined to provide SAT coaching to students who wish to study abroad. Students from Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh, who are looking for a reputed SAT coaching institute in Chandigarh, should opt for New Cambridge College. They have the best faculty in Chandigarh and are experts in providing SAT coaching in Chandigarh.

In order to help you score maximum in your SAT exam and pursue your dreams of studying abroad in the best universities, it is important that you chose the best SAT institute in Chandigarh. There are many factors that you can consider before choosing the best institute. The foremost being, the ratings and reviews the institute holds for the course. If they are among the first 5, then one should visit and talk to the faculty. This will help you in having a better perspective about the institute.

One more thing, a student can do is talk to other students, if the students reading in that institute are happy, one should definitely go for that institute. New Cambridge College is one such institute where all the students are happy and have got the desired scores. If you want to be selected in your dream college, you should definitely visit, New Cambridge College, the best SAT coaching institute in Chandigarh.

With the rise in competition, every individual aspires to achieve the best as soon as they can. SAT is a test that facilitates the students to seek admission into Undergraduate courses in Universities in US and other western countries. Created by the College Board, a private non-profit organization, it is administered by ETS (educational testing service) another private not for profit organization.

It consists of 4 sections namely:


This section judges a student’s ability to employ his reasoning and logical abilities to solve mathematical problems, analyzing data in the form of graphs. The questions consist of the basic concept covered in the school years for example arithmetic, probability, mean median and mode, ratios etc.

SAT Employs two different kinds of questions i.e. multiple choice questions (MCQ’S) and Grid ins.

With the latest changes incorporated in the revised SAT, there are no negative points for wrong answers! (That’s good news, isn’t it?)

Evidence – Based Reading Section

This measures the student’s ability to scrutinize and critically evaluate a text. This tests the students’ abilities to go beyond the prescribed and exercise their brain’s analytical powers. This section comprises of 5 Reading comprehension passages – 2 Science Passages, 2 Social Science Passages, and 1 Passage concerning U.S. or World Literature. Each passage is accompanied by 10-11 questions each. Thus, a student gets 65 minutes to solve 50 to 55 questions, each with 4 options provided. (This section doesn’t award negative points for wrong answers either; so, Yay!)

Writing and Language Section

This section primarily comprises of 44 questions in total that are MCQ type and are needed to be solved within 35 minutes. This section is designed so as to test a student for his abilities of being an editor and improve passages that were written especially for the test — and that include deliberate errors. This section is merged with the Evidence-Based Reading section in the paper and together both these sections account to a score of 800 maximum.

Optional Essay Section

The new revised SAT does not include the essay section as a compulsory one; rather, the students are provided with an option to take the essay if the score is needed by the university they are applying to. The essay is not a simple account of analysis on a short passage anymore. A full-fledged reading comprehension is provided to a student that he/she has to read, analyze and write a well-structured response for. The essay section is of 50 minutes now.



New Cambridge College provides the students with the diagnostic test to test their level of competence and proceeds further.

A detailed scorecard with proper feedback is provided to the students so that they remain aware about their individual strengths. This is the reason we are tagged as the best SAT Coaching institute in Chandigarh.

We spend time on each question, analyze the performance of each student and go through application of each concept and technique to make our student the best.

With 99.9% cracking their SAT entrance exams we have earned the reputation of the best SAT COACHING Institute in Chandigarh.

Section Time(In Minutes) Questions
Math 80 57 questions – MCQ’S and grid ins
Evidence-based Reading

Writing and Language



50-55 MCQs


44 MCQs

Optinal Essay Writing 50 1 well-structured essay response to a reading comprehension passage

SAT subjects test is given by the student on the basis of his choosing of the subject he/she is interested in.

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